Eliza Mary...

Do you or anyone you know have a piece they want the life put back into it. Please get in touch for a quote.

Are you looking for a something special but can’t seem to find it, I can also help hunt down great pieces and recondition them or cover them to suit your house and taste.

I started my training to be an upholsterer in September 2012 with Bob Barnett in Battersea, after 9 months I achieved a distinction in the AMUSF level 2 exam. My training was focused on traditional upholstery, using traditional tools and techniques as well as modern methods. I enjoy all aspects of upholstery from modern to traditional.

I have always been a practical person and prefer being busy doing things with my hands than sitting at a desk. After working in finance and shipping for 5 years I wanted to get back to what I loved doing.

As well as commission work, I enjoy hunting out old pieces of furniture at fairs, at the back of antique stores or other strange places and restore them to give them a new lease of life to sell on to a good home. I have great fun striping these pieces back as you find all manner of materials and techniques used to create them, especially some of the pieces from further afield. there is always the excitement of what I might find including coins from France during the early 1900s, the odd knitting needle and I am waiting to find a diamond ring! I have built up a great stock of some really fun pieces I have found and done up for sale and I am always looking for more projects.

I recently completed a course in the art of making lampshades and this is a skill I am working on improving and soon hope to offer it as a service to clients….. watch this space.


AMUSF Level 2

Chaise Lounge

Custom shaped Headboard

Made to Measure bench cushions